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Long delay at XP boot logo

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  • Long delay at XP boot logo

    My car PC is almost ready to go - boot time would be phenomenal except for one thing:

    As soon as the XP splash logo (the one everyone replaces) appears, my Maxtor hard drive slows its spindle motor and it just sits there. For about 40 seconds. Then, it kicks back in gear and a few seconds later my desktop is loading.

    I have a EPIA 800 mini-itx board with 320mb ram, and a 20gb hdd.

    This occurred since I installed XP - installing VIA 4-in-1 drivers did nothing. I updated the bios from 1.09 to the latest and no change there.

    I have tried different hard drives with clean installs of XP - always waits like that.

    Any ideas? I'm so close but that 40second wait really kills the practicality of a Car PC IMO.
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    Theres probably a device that is not initialising correctly.

    Check the event log for clues.

    Also - have you tried running BootVis. This should help you to see what is causing the hold up.


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      Oh and try disabling you network devices too.