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My experience with Minlogon and CF

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  • My experience with Minlogon and CF

    So, after last winter's fun of having to warm up the 80G hard drive on my carputer by running it through 20 or so boot cycles, I opted to make the jump over to CF (and before anyone starts in on me about using different methods like usb, whatever, I looked at them all and CF is the most appropriate solution for my install). Basic setup is that I will be using an 8GB Sandisk Ultra II CF Card that will have EWF running, containing a full install of xp, roadrunner, winamp pro, and iguidance with all (that's right, ALL) of the maps. I haven't decided if I will use a second CF card to store the music, or just use my ipod video as the drive.

    I've been working on this for almost a week now (long story which I shall spare you all from, suffice it to say I have installed xp 6 times). I have come to a few conclusions that would be meaningful to share with anyone trying this out for themselves.

    The first one... save yourself some time and effort, right after you install your os, and download/install all of the updates... USE WHATEVER PROGRAM YOU WANT, BUT BACK IT UP TO AN IMAGE!! Simply so that you won't have to do it all over again if something buggers up along the way. I am currently using PowerQuest DiskImage, and it works perfectly. Also comes with a nice boot disk that you can copy over to the cf when you are ready. It sounds excessive, but I have run the backup after each component was installed, and i mean each one! It only takes like 5 minutes to back up a 5G install anyway, and it's worth it if something happens. It will also come in handy when the CF card reaches the end of it's llife span.

    Second, install all of your drivers and updates BEFORE installing and using minlogon. For some stupid reason, you can't install any windows updates or drivers properly when it is running. I tried 4 times last night to get my bluetooth adaptor running, before finally disabling minlogon and returning to winlogon. Also make sure that you are using the version of minlogon from the service pack 2 update to windows xp embedded, it's the one dated 2004. Reason being that this is the one that will allow you to standby/hibernate properly.

    I am currently at the point where I have to mount the computer back in the truck to do the install of the lilliput and gps receiver drivers, then installing EWF, enabling HORM, backing up the last time (i hope) and deploying to the CF. This will all be happening this weekend, so wish me luck.
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    Have you brought up a CF card yet and booted to it? If not, you should attempt this soon before all of your work is completed. Once you have a bootable CF, you should bench mark the performance to see if it is what you want.

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      Thanks for the minlogon.exe tip, I couldn't figure out for the life of me where my hibernate options disappeared to. At this point thought, I can't remember where I got my WinXP Embedded...