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Ram: 256 ou 512 MB ?

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  • Ram: 256 ou 512 MB ?

    My car pc is based on 1,4 GHz centrino laptop, and I recently tried to remove half the memory, so to have a faster hibernate. However, I don't know how far this affects the performance while using the system.

    Memory usage uas about 230 MB with centrafuse and windows xp, everything loaded.

    Is it worth, for a faster hibernation?

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    No I do not think it is worth it. 512Mb or RAM is much more valuable when running the OS, then a faster hibernate time.
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      You would be better off leaving the 512mb in, but using a /burnmem switch in your boot.ini . Take a look here for more info.

      This basically limits the memory available to Windows. Keep your 512mb stick/s in and just limit it to say 300mb or so. You won't have performance reductions, but you will have improved return from hibernation times. Play around, find the best setup and let us know what you find...
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        Yeah, I read that, and am going to try it. For now, I'm with 512 MB, will try to force by software to about 300 or so, depending on memory usage.