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  • WinCE GUI, Dashboard, Frontends & Applications

    Hello There.

    I got a 2DIN (Dubble Din) CarStereo with a ugley looking Interface (GUI or UI if thats exists)

    The Operation System is WinCE 5 .net and the Hardware is following
    7" Touchscreen
    GPS Integrated SIRFIII, 20Channel (Im running Route66 Mobile Now)
    Samsung 400MHz
    128Mb Ram
    128mb Rom
    Secure Digital
    and some kind of NAND Flash Integrated?

    Is there any Dashboard, Frontends or some kind of Multimedia Applications thats Run Movies, MP3;s and got a better GUI and Equlisers and so on ?

    Im even intrested of a list of applications you guys can recomend.
    Application List follows in the next post...


    PC | AMDx2, 1Gb, 1TB-HD, Geforce7900GTx (WinXP)
    Laptop | AMDx2, 1Gb, 320Gb (MediaCenter)
    PDA | Dell Axim x51v 624MHz, 8Gb-Memory (WM5)
    inCar | DubbelDIN 7" Touch Samsung 400MHz/128Mb, 4Gb-Memory (WinCE 5 .NET?)
    Phone | K850i, 4Gb-Memory

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    WinCE / WM Applications (2DIN)

    Application List Windows Mobile | WinCE
    Route66 6.0 (PDA, PPC Windows Mobile)

    Thanks To
    PC | AMDx2, 1Gb, 1TB-HD, Geforce7900GTx (WinXP)
    Laptop | AMDx2, 1Gb, 320Gb (MediaCenter)
    PDA | Dell Axim x51v 624MHz, 8Gb-Memory (WM5)
    inCar | DubbelDIN 7" Touch Samsung 400MHz/128Mb, 4Gb-Memory (WinCE 5 .NET?)
    Phone | K850i, 4Gb-Memory


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      Since it sounds like your device is ARM based ("Samsung 400mhz"), you should be able to run quite a bit of the available Windows CE software for CE based Handheld PCs and Pocket PCs that was created over the years. Some of these in dash units I've seen running WinCE use an x86 processor and software for x86 is much less common but you are in luck if your device is ARM based. Since all the latest consumer WinCE based devices (like Windows Mobile Pocket PCs) are also standardized on ARM, you will be able to run quite a bit of their navigation software suites like TomTom Navigator, Destinator, iGo, iGuidance, etc. All of these should run on your device with a bit of effort and research at forums like gpspassion.

      If you need a decent Media Player, check out TCPMP and its newer commercial version CorePlayer. This app can play pretty much any format you throw at it.

      To my knowledge, there are no well integreated "frontends" for Windows CE as there are for desktop Windows (developed mainly by people from these forums). Now, if all you mean by "frontend" is a finger friendly GUI to launch applications, there is a program called SystemInformation that will allow you to make such a custom GUI by editing its INI files. Its not the easiest program to configure, but it should work for your needs. There are a few already made skins on the gpspassion forums. Keep in mind, you would need to manually adjust each app/skin you use for the specific needs of your brand of device if you choose to go this route.

      SystemInformation and screenshots here:

      There are also a few icon based launchers for Pocket PC like Conduits Pocket Launcher that should run as well:

      And you can sometimes find some interesting things like finger friendly Image viewers or even navigation software from the support sections of manufacturer websites for other WinCE GPS navigation device brands that can always be "borrowed".

      A few good places to get started on finding much more WinCE software would be: (Mostly freeware/shareware Handheld PC software for older WinCE based clamshells and subnotebooks) is another good site like this (One of the best listing sites for freeware Pocket PC software)

      For commercial software, searching sites like or will yield you a lot of the latest Pocket PC only titles and searching google for terms like "Pocket PC", "Windows CE", "Handheld PC" *** will get you many more interesting titles.

      Since your device is Windows CE based, I suggest you read the forums. There are many more users with Windows CE nav devices there so you may have better luck and meet more users with Windows CE experience there than are here. is also a good site for general Handheld PC and embedded WinCE device software/hardware discussion.

      Hope this was helpful. Good luck!


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        Check out the forums at Lots of good WinCE front ends you can customize to your needs with a little work. Part of the forums are not English, so stick to the English side. is a subforum of gpspassion which has some nice stuff too.


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          So, I'm thinking of getting one of these also. Were you able to access the root to change the front end software?