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Proper Hibernation setup, NOT Sleep for fast powerups...

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  • Proper Hibernation setup, NOT Sleep for fast powerups...

    For those of you running Vista in their carputers (and probably Xp too), there is a proper way to configure the PC to shutdown for fast resuming...
    By default, Vista uses "Sleep", which keeps a 5v rail powered to the RAM for fast resuming when powered back up...
    Problem is, the M2 power supplies everyone uses does a 'hardoff', killing all power to the PC, and wiping the stored memory in the process...once the power comes back up, you have to do a full restart.

    HOWEVER, you can enable and use Hibernation in Vista. Hibernation differs from Sleep, as it dumps the RAM onto the HDD instead keeping RAM powered up.
    Inturn, you can completely power off the PC, and yet have it quickly (but not as quickly as Sleep mode) resume exactly where you left off when you shutoff the car!

    Here is the website I found for enabling Hibernation and turning off Sleep...

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    This doesnt apply to XP. Sleep in vista isnt the same as standby in XP its a hybrid state where as well as going into standby it also writes to disk I.E hibernates. Theory being if it does loose power it will still come back up ok as if you hibernated. Trouble is its broken most of the time but is fixed in SP1. You can also set it up in the power management profiles. In XP the functions are split and you have the option to choose whatever one you want standby or hibernate. I am pretty sure you can also set the M2 not to hard off as well because loads of people use standby with XP which still needs the 5v.
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      How long is your battery going to last supplying power to the RAM in sleep mode, for those of you who are running Vista?

      Standby isn't a power-off's a low power state, i.e. mainboard, RAM and fans and CPU are still powered up, but in a low consumption state...
      If you kill the power, then go to reboot, it's dooing a full boot, not a resume.

      You don't want to be running standby OR sleep in either OS! It consumes power...and if it needs power, and you cut that power off (as you should be doing with a carputer), your not resuming, but restarting from a failed resume.

      As well, you have to turn hybrid mode OFF to enable hibernation in Vista. Sleep is something entirely different. Your PC loads directly from POST...just straight to desktop in about 3 seconds. Hibernate loads from POST from the HDD...this allows you to kill the power completely to the PC, yet still retain a fast bootup...
      This is the reason for my posting...

      It is sleep mode in Vista that is flakey...hibernation works as well in Vista as it does with XP...