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  • xp gamers edition

    i got this off the newzbin newsgroups. here is what was in the read me file:

    This is a slimmed down version of Windows XP. It is really fast because it doesn't have a lot of the crap that usually bogs down Windows like Internet Explorer. I really don't have that great of a description for this because this is not an official M*croso*t product. I tested this and it works really fast. It's not a good idea to install it alongside an official copy of Windows XP. No serial is required for the install and the OS doesn't need to be activated. Have fun with this and let me know how it goes.

    it loads fast as hell, it does have IE on it. oh well. but it looks a lot cooler than what xp used to look like. its black, has a vista sorta look to it. with this, i am able to get 640x480 and get my eby701 to work again. when i plugged in my external HD's to it, it never loaded them. so that code is missing. my wifi usb dongle didnt work either. not sure what else does and wont work on this version.

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    Not threadcapping, but I'd simply go with TinyXP v6, although I prefer to use eXPerience's service scripts.

    What you are using, is exactly what you described. A slimmed down version of XP. Any XP install can run fast and have a small footprint, it depends which services you disable, which components you remove, and a few other things (unnecessary files removed).

    I uploaded eXP's scripts awhile ago, they should still be posted somewhere. PM me if you have any questions regarding this or anything about slim XP installs.


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      ive been looking into doing something of the likes. i cant remember what its called, but its popular on this forum. what i like though is how they made it a warking, i mean a wOrking copy without the need for activation. like it had that wga thing.


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        Not to discuss how it's done, but it utilizes a loop hole in how MS decided to do trade school activations.

        Basically, imagine one copy of XP, for trade schools when teaching students how to install Microsoft Windows XP. The version that is sent to thousands of schools, and was meant to be activated/updated/installed over and over and over, is what that is based off. It will, until they figure out how to fix their mass academic mistake, work "legit".


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          no sht. thats a pretty spiffy corporate mistake! is there a full copy floating around out that that can be tuned down to when one would like on it? like usb external HDD support and other support?


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            Guys, I know it is fun, but please talk about illegal stuff someplace else.