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Questions about re-installing XP

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  • Questions about re-installing XP

    Windows gurus: what exactly happens when I run a Repair of Windows XP?

    I've run into a situation where I've got some serious driver conflicts and issues that are enough to warrant a new install of XP, but I'm wondering if I have to do a complete fresh install, or if a Repair will suffice. So what files get deleted/replaced/renewed in a repair install? And how about the registry... how is that treated in a Repair? I'm just trying to see if it's feasible to avoid a completely fresh install so as to not have to reinstall all my programs.
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    There is another command you should probably try first to see if it fixes (System File Check). Repair overwrites your current windows and if I remember right, really messes with your installed programs...

    "start", "run", then type

    SFC /scannow

    try that and see if it fixes everything.

    Silly question, but can you not restore back to before the drivers were installed? Once you get everything working right, I would suggest getting "Norton Ghost" and create an image of your setup. Then no matter what happens, you can always go back to that point.
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      System repair will NEVER work for me. I always end up with a complete format/install.
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        Thanks for the replies guys. Danielkh, I actually do own a license for Norton Ghost for my house pc but wasn't smart enough to put it on my carpc, but you can be sure that after I get this all fixed up I WILL be putting it on there! As far as System Restore goes, I think that if I were to restore back to the date that I'd be sure was pre-driver issues, I may as well just do a clean XP install at that point.
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          hi fellow nola citizen. you couldnt go into device manager and re-do the drivers for whatever is conflicting?

          edit just realized this is a year old