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  • Stripped out Xp

    I have been reading some of the threads about TinyXp.
    Is this what you use for a operating system?
    I'm currently installing a Mini ITX board in my lifesize R2D2
    and I'll need XP to run everything. But I don't need alot of features
    that Xp wants to install. I just need the basics, Video - sound-etc.
    I downloaded a file from another post and it said this helps to strip down xp. But I also noticed this file Nlite. Is this a easier way.
    Once Xp is stripped down, My application will not need a mouse or keyboard connected
    all the time. Will this be a problem?
    Sorry NEWBIE

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    Just download the latest version of Nlite and have a play. It is free and is pretty self explanatory. It tells you if you're about to remove something you shouldn't and it with a little bit of time it will get you a super quick and stable OS. My nlited XP install is only 230mb!
    I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.


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      I tried it out and hopefully I'm not taking anything important out.
      But I think I only removed about 250 out of the original. Not sure about that
      Thanks for the info.


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        Keep workin at it man, takes a lot of trial and error with nLite, but it's definitely a lot safer than random TinyXP files and images downloaded of the internet.

        My Micro2003 install is a 130mb footprint. :P

        Try RevFE
        The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.