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Will a small dedicated partition improve boot time?

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  • Will a small dedicated partition improve boot time?

    I am installing windows XP on an intel mac mini to put in my car. I used the Apple Disk Util to format the Disk with an MBR, then you boot the Windows CD and install as normal. No Boot Camp involved. The mini has a 60GB HD, and I was wondering if it would be advantageous for fast booting to install Windows to a partition that is only a few gigs, instead of the whole 60. Has anyone done any comparisons of this?

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    It's not going to improve boot time.
    However, having a smaller partition dedicated to the OS will prevent loss of data if Windoze should take a dump on you.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Damn, thanks. Data loss is not much of a concern. I just installed WinXPSp3 on a Mac Mini and the boot time is exactly 1 minute to usable. This includes 10 seconds of Mac Bios time before Windows starts unfortunately. I am going to upgrade the ram from 512M to 2GB and make a nLite Windows, which would hopefully help me get closer to 30 seconds.


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        Those Mac Mini's are slow to boot no matter what. With some tweaking you can get down to 30 seconds. Although if you can hibernate you'll be much better off.

        It's too bad that the Mac front ends are mature enough for prime time. Deep Sleep on a Mac would get you up and running in about 20 seconds. Personally, when my mini dies, I won't get another one.