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Need to figure out the best way to power on/wake my PC, unique application

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  • Need to figure out the best way to power on/wake my PC, unique application

    Hey guys. I am going to put a PC in my electric fireplace to run some MP3s, vids and such for my living room. There will be a nice LCD atop the fireplace, painted to match. I have the Streamzap remote and have already linked my Logitech Harmony 550 to it, works like a charm! However, the IR reciever is USB based, so there is no way to use the remote to Wake from hibernation or turn the pc back on. It will turn it off/hibernate/standby but not bring it back. I have tried disabling "allow the pc to turn off USB" in the USB root hub, and that didn't work.

    What I want is some creative way to wake or power on this pc... It has to be practicle and convenient. I am considering wiring and Extra long cable to the power switch and remotely locating that, but I'd like to do better. Suggestions?
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    What about a standalone IR receiver that's powered on all the time. When it receives the power signal from your remote you can have it "press" the power on button of the PC for you. This should turn your PC on from sleep and when its completely off.

    I am current working on something very similar, but taken that idea one step forward.