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    Good morning everybody.

    I see plenty of threads for optimizing the operating system, and it seems that people have gotten this down to at least reasonable levels using tweeks and perhaps an SSD.

    Can we start a discussion about those boards that have an extremely fast post time? I'm aware that the new Intel boards have great features, but may take 10+ seconds to post, while at least one offering from Jetway has sub 4 second post times, but suffers from USB errors.

    Basically, I'm looking for the board that still offers the modern features necessary (SATA, 6+ USB2, ...), but has a minimum post time.

    Also, I know that there are a few manufacturers with 0 post technology coming down the pipeline, but I'm under the impression that it only works with their proprietary OS.

    I'll do my best to contribute, but I'm hoping someone already has some metrics.

    -Steve Strong
    Strong Auto Concepts

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    My intel d945gclf2 only takes about 5 secs to post. I can take longer if you have certain usb settings turned on, like boot devices. Turn that off and it's def <10.


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      i suspect you are going to get a lot of these, how do i get sub 10 sec boot ???


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        Originally posted by bemenaker View Post
        My intel d945gclf2 only takes about 5 secs to post. I can take longer if you have certain usb settings turned on, like boot devices. Turn that off and it's def <10.
        5 seconds sounds pretty average to me...
        There has been a lot of talk in the past about doing away with POST and BIOS far, as far as I know, it's just

        If you want 10 seconds bootups, then you need to use sleep or suspend...but doing so causes a constant drain on your battery, even when the PC is off...


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          My system takes ~25secs to resume from hibernation, it is just the BIOS Post that takes <10 secs. Past that, you are into heavy Windows tweaking, which there are several threads about on here.

          Set boot device to your HDD only, Turn off USB boot devices. Turn off Legacy USB support. Whatever other normal bios speedup settings apply, Quick Post, turn off BIOS Logo's.

          Like WuNgUn said, 5 secs seems about normal.


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            Sorry i thought we were talking cold boot, commimg out of standby, sub 5 sec no problem.


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              My Via VB6002 POST's in less than a second, from turning the key to hearing music is less than 20 seconds including the 5 second M2-ATX delay and there's still a few windows tweaks/hacks I haven't done yet.

              The board is a Pentium M board with 8 usb2 ports, 2 lan ports, 2 sata ports, 2 ide ports, max 1GB DDR2 533, dual monitor, etc, etc, etc. I think these boards maybe selling out fast though, the store I bought mine from has none left and wont be getting hold of any more.


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                via seems to be hard to come by. Anybody have a good outlet for their boards? And do they have a new generation replacing the old intel socket boards?


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                  I'd like to bump this thread as I am looking for a new mobo that posts super fast. I have an intel D945GCLF and am looking for something similar, but hopefully with a few more pci/pci-e slots which also post quicker than the >5 secs the intel board takes.

                  I have room for a micro atx or smaller, and obviously would like it to consume very little power.

                  The JetWay JATOM-GM1-330-LF caught my eye, as its the Atom 330 which is slightly faster (in some regards) than my Atom 230, but more appealing than that are the additional PCI and PCI-e slots.

                  Does anyone know how quickly this board posts? Are there other alternatives I should be looking at?