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  • Help with a post times

    My MSI IM-GM45 used to load very fast but now I have about 23-25 sec before all the post stuff is done and resume bar shows. I cant find what changed because night before we were doing some upgrades to the CarPC.
    From device standpoint we have Supertalon SSD and Auzentech Prelude Sound Card on PCI, USB CDROM,USB Liliput Monitor, and GPS(BT353) + 32 GB Usb thumb drive on the hub. Once post is done it resumes 2GB memory footprint in about 6 sec or full boot in to CentreFuse in 17. Trying to speed things up a bit. What could have happend

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    Have you tried booting with no USB devices plugged in to see if that's what's slowing you down?

    If I boot with my USB flash drive plugged in then POST seems to take forever, unplug it and it POST's in less than a second.

    If it POST's quickly without the USB devices then plug them in one at a time and reboot after you plug each device in to see which one is slowing you down.


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      In the BIOS, turn off any options to boot from USB or boot from other devices.
      Chances are the system is looking at that thumbdrive and trying to determine if it is bootable or not.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Did some BIOS tweaking today. Mostly nothing and no result. My biggest problem is what POST message does not start until 23 seconds after ignition key turn. I have AT-M4 power supply and I see light on the case starting in about 5 sec, then CPU fan and POST takes another 18 to start, On the POST sequence I see - "Can't initialize TPM"(or something like that) From what i coud see in BIOS I can't change TPM. After that it takes about 5-7 sec for Post itself and another 3-5 to resume 2 GB from Supertalon SSD.


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          Check for an option called something like Quickpost [enable]. If its disabled, BIOS does a full memory check which for 2GB will take up most of the missing time.

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