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Boot loaders and mini-pcie flash

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  • Boot loaders and mini-pcie flash

    So the motherboard I am using (MSI Fuzzy GME965) has a mini-pcie slot on it (half-length). I want to use this slot for flash memory, much like an asus eee pc or a dell mini 9 would. I really doubt that the board could boot off of that though, so I'm thinking maybe I could use an IDE flash module just large enough to hold a bootloader (because IDE flash modules, at least the ones that just plug right in, are way too slow to put everything on there) and whatever else it needs to boot windows off the mini-pcie flash, then use that to boot off of the mini-pcie flash.

    So, I have a couple questions.

    1. Do you agree with me that the board probably won't boot from mini-pcie flash?

    2. Is what I mentioned feasible, with the bootloader and all of that?

    3. If it is feasible, or if it is not, how can I do either what I want to do, or something fundamentally similar?

    N.B: Boot time isn't really a concern, as I leave it in standby all the time anyway.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Be careful. Mini pci-e for SSD has a different pinout than other mini pci-e interfaces.

    For example, in the Dell Mini 9 you cannot use the SSD in the WAN or wireless lan sockets, or vice-versa.
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