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XP or Mini XP?

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  • XP or Mini XP?

    Installed XP awhile ago and tweaked it abit to try and reduce boot times - Tempted to go with Mini XP and tweak it as well to get even quicker boot times...

    Anyone done this with success? Is there anything in Mini XP thats missing that I might need?

    What I plan on using...

    - Ride Runner (VLC player, Winamp)
    - Game emulators
    - GPS (M$ streets & trips)
    - OBD-II software
    - Firefox

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    Ive given up in all these, I once though I got everything setup correctly until I needed to install an apps which then need something which I have removed from the OS. Lots of hassle redoing the install, etc etc.

    Sure I saved a second or 2 in boot up times, but what did I exactly do in that 2 seconds saving?