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Intel D945GLF2 Optimization

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  • Intel D945GLF2 Optimization

    So after reading so many thread on how slow boot this board is and how buggy the bios is, I got one for my family to use as a video surveillance recorder, but not after trying to make it my carpc first.
    My first mission was to optimize the boot up time.
    To my best efffort i got it to resume from hibernation in roughly 22 seconds in win7 and about 20 in TinyXp. Here are my settings.

    First I installed everything, then went to the bios:
    1) EXIT > Load Optimal Defaults
    2) Advanced > Boot Configuration > Display Setup Prompt > OFF
    3) Advanced > Peripheral Configuration > Serial Port > Disable
    4) Advanced > Peripheral Configuration > Parallel Port > Disable
    5) Advanced > Peripheral Configuration > On-Board Lan > Disable
    6) Advanced > Drive Configuration > Use Automatic Mode > Disable
    7) Advanced > Drive Configuration > Primary Channel > Disable
    8) Advanced > Event Log > Event Logging > Disable
    9) Advanced > ASF Support > Disable
    10) Power > Keyboard Select > Disable
    11) Boot > Boot Menu Type > Advance
    12) Boot > Boot Drive Order > YOUR HDD THAT HOLD OS
    13) Boot > Boot To Optical Devices > Disable
    14) Boot > Boot To Removable Devices > Disable
    15) Boot > Boot To Network > Disable
    16) Boot > Boot USB Devices First > Disable


    Then go to msconfig and enable 2 core on boot up, and maximum memory possible. If you don't know what I'm talking about, refer to this original thread here by Injector :

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    And this should be in OS Optimization.
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