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XP starting and shrinking

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  • XP starting and shrinking

    what would be a good base to start with xp would pre sp1 or sp3 be the best to use should i install all the hotfixes.. or only security or just things that would relate to what im using

    -also i have used nlite to shrink has anyone else got a lastsession.ini they used there willing to share or info on what cant be removed to be able to use everything

    -what other options are there than nlite

    -if using wifi, or phone as a modem would i need a virus scanner or would running a sandbox like sandboxie be alright

    -any other information to do with xp that can help me.. like xp programs etc (eg names, etc so i can search for them)

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    bump anyone help me with anything


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      Use XPSP3.

      Strip XP out with nLite. It's the best available for what it does.

      If you intend to connect to the internet, you need some measure of protection against malicious software.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        cheers ill start working on stripping it out to the max thanks