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minlogon defaulting to 640x480 res every boot :(

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  • minlogon defaulting to 640x480 res every boot :(

    Hey all!

    I've done the minlogon trick which has pretty much halved the boot time, which is great!
    BUT it keeps booting to 640x480 and I need 800x600 as that's my touchscreens native res.

    I have tried searching, but not much info on this particular problem. Seems to have to do something with the 'user' type that minlogon logs on with. More searching reveals it's because minlogon runs you on a 'System' account.

    Anyone know how to fix this? Any way to force this in the registry? Tried powerstrip - so it pops the resolution up to 800x600 every time centrafuse runs, but it doesn't work all the time wtf!

    Thanks all.

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    what's the output of command of:

    ewfmgr c:
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      hey dude, I'm not running the EWF just for simplicity's sake.

      I fixed the problem and forgot to reply just in case anyone else was having the problem.
      It was the /VGA(something) switch in the boot.ini file, it was enabled for some reason
      So forcing windows to boot in VGA mode. You just delete the /vgasomething in boot.ini or untick the box in the boot.ini section of MSCONFIG utility.