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Please help: I think I have bricked my head unit

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  • Please help: I think I have bricked my head unit

    Hi there,

    Ok, stupid stupid stupid, but I have been trying to reflash Windows CE on my Chinese 2-DIN gps head unit, since a couple of folks have succeeded in changing the language from Chinese to English, being able to actually store all settings made, etc.

    I have followed the instructions here (post from zygo10)and have downloaded "updated firmware with wince5 in english".

    So I had the files on a SD card, pointed the head unit to the executable and the Windows CE Sysupdate tool came up. I pressed the FLASH button, it started flashing, told me it had been completed succesfully and the instructions then said I had to power off and on again.

    And all I got after powering on again is a white screen. That's it. No reaction on pressing the screen or any of buttons/steering wheel control, other than the white (and backlighted screen) it is completely dead.

    Resetting it using the reset hole does turn it off, but the white screen's still there when powering on again.
    Inserting the SD with that update again doesn't do anything, both when the unit is on or when I power it on with the SD card inserted.
    I have also tried the files called "original firmware with wince5 in chinese", but without result.

    Ok, again, stupid stupid stupid, I should have known better, but is there a genius here that knows how I can possibly fix this bricky mess?

    I will be forever thankful.

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    hopefully you have not given up yet....

    When you turned the unit off after inserting the SD card with the original extracted AutoUpdate_Eng_Untouched.rar, did you remove ALL power to the unit? For example, did you disconnect it from all the power sources in the car, and let it sit for a day or so like the instructions say?

    1. download the AutoUpdate_Eng_Untouched.rar file below and extract it to a clean fat formated sdcard keeping the folder structure (eg. nwdtcali.exe nwdsoftware.exe in the root & .msk, .bin, .nb0 in the autoupdate directory)
    2. turn on the unit and put it in the "gps" sd card slot.
    3. turn off the unit
    4. remove the unit from all sources of power (it has a couple of power sources so you need to get both disconnected completely) and leave it disconected for at least a day. this may not be nessecary but i had removed my unit from the car and had it sitting with the sdcard in for a day... then when i powered up the unit, the update began automatically (i had tried this many times with the unit in the car connected and it never worked) i have also read many people saying they have removed internal batteries to get there handhelds to fire up.
    5. after a day, reconnect power, turn on unit & select gps area
    6. after a few seconds a systemupdater screen will appear and the process will proceed for about a minute then finish
    7. when the updater is finished/succeeded and the exit button is visible, press it.
    8. REMOVE THE SDCARD NOW... if you dont, it will do it all again
    9. turn off unit at front button
    10. turn unit back on
    11. recalibrate screen
    12. your working again
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