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Windows Embedded 7 + iPod = no worky

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  • Windows Embedded 7 + iPod = no worky

    hey everyone, long time since ive posted here....

    my problem today is i installed windows embedded 7 and simply cannot get it to recognize my ipod as a device. windows doesnt know what to do with it (just sits as an unknown device in device manager) and itunes certainly doesnt recognize it. it goes without saying that centrafuse doesnt see it either

    >>ive installed nearly everything available (all the USB drivers i could find) and it doesnt see it. when i did automatic detect drivers for what was attached, it didnt come up with any drivers -so i dont think there are any...?

    my question: is anybody here running windows embedded 7 and have ipod drivers working?

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    If you don't mind me asking, are you using the windows 7 embedded trial, or did you buy a license? I've been looking to buy a license, but it seems hard to buy just a single one. If you did buy one, could you post (or PM me) where you bought it and how much it was?

    As for your ipod problem, try looking here


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      I use Win7 Embedded (but i haven't hooked an ipod to it so I don't know what your issue is), I'm guessing it's something to do with the configuration template you set up when installing it. I've ran into a lot of strange issues like this, and have reinstalled Win7 with different options a few times now.
      When you creating an image, if you click on "help" it will explain to you what that module/package contains. I usually google it as well to figure out if I need it or it can be removed.

      good luck