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Windows 7 Problem

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  • Windows 7 Problem

    I am running windows 7 ultimate on my carpc, It was the only dvd i had for install rather than xp. I managed to turn off all the features that comes with ultimate edition. The problem i am having is windows 7 crashes alot for some strange reason. I get a windows restarts automatically. Anyone know where i can get a copy of windows 7 embedded? With features and services disabled. Anyone got any ideas?

    Should i switch over to xp?

    Should i reinstall windows 7 and put home edition?

    Should i do a windows repair and a sfc /scannow command for this o/s?

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    it could be a different issue. i also run ultimate, and have zero OS issues.

    maybe run some tests on your hardware?
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      Memory diagnostics and hardddrive? Also run some drivers test huh?