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How to recover data after a virus?

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  • How to recover data after a virus?

    My labtop was infected by a trojan virus i was not able to restore from an earlier setting. I did get rid of the virus and reinstalled windows vista but now i want to recover my word documents and pictures and other programs but i do not know how. How can i recover all my data?

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    Do not use your hard drive with the information until you do this.

    If you lose your data (and it is important) buy a second hard drive to install windows on. and then install windows.

    Then get a recovery program... I have used EasyRecovery Pro for awhile.

    Attach the data hard drive as a second hard drive

    scan with easy recovery and have it put desired files on your windows drive.

    set up a backup for your data. dropbox is pretty good for that.


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      After the install? Not if data has been written over it.

      Disks can be reformatted and data still recovered (fully!).
      But once new data has been written, data loss begins.

      But you may have learned 2 valuable lessons:
      (1) Backups.
      (2) Always have at least 2 partitions for Windows - one for Windows (eg, C:\) and one for data.

      Apparently despite 2 decades of knowing better, MS and few others configure anything other than the main system partition (Ha ha!).
      Many thanks to MSI for configuring theirs with 2 partitions! (eg, MSI Wind).

      Savvy people learn to reconfig My Docs & all other user data to the non-Windoze partition(s).