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How to add Recovery options to Win 7 bootloader!!!!!!

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  • How to add Recovery options to Win 7 bootloader!!!!!!

    I am in the process of tweaking my carpc's three OS's so that I can either access the other OS's or their recovery options from whichever bootloader I am working from at the time. This feature will come in handy should I need to recover usability from any OS on my carpc without the need for original installation discs.

    ADDING Windows 7 Recovery option.....

    First I copied the contents of the Win 7 Recovery CD that I downloaded and burned to a folder in my windows directory named "Windows 7 Recovery". Using EasyBCD in Win 7 I then created a WinPE entry to my bootloader using the boot.wim file in the created folder. I renamed the boot entry to "Windows 7 Recovery"(although it doesn't change the entry name on the actual bootloader when I rebooted...did this so I would know what it is should I ever need to edit again). Worked like a charm(it will ask for your password if you have one set before allowing you to get to the repair options screen, so be sure to have it on hand)!!!

    *NOTE: Windows 7 Recovery will not detect your Windows 7 installation unless a windows partition is set active(doesn't matter which one). Since my Ubuntu partition is the active one since I use the grub bootloader, I have installed Easeus Partition Manager onto my XP and Win 7 installations just in case I need to set a windows partition active to use Windows 7 Recovery to recover Windoes 7, and to use it to set Ubuntu back to active once the operation is completed. XP's Recovery Console will work regardless of what partition is active(but will set the XP partition active once completed). post will detail how to add XP's Recovery Console to Win 7's bootloader, so subscribe to this thread!!!
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