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Need help with grub bootloader

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  • Need help with grub bootloader

    Can grub be used to boot anything other than a physical HDD or physical flash drive partition?How?

    I have tried everything I can find online, but nothing works. I know it can't boot iso's, but can it boot any other type of file from the physical HDD successfully???

    How do I boot a file or virtual hard disk image from grub? Really need an answer on this!
    Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)

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    hey dude you should look at grub2. you can use the loopback module to boot a FS image (ext2 and 3 should work)


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      Hopefully someone will eventually post a solution to this problem(would like my main carpc features to be installed on the primary drive). In the mean time, I've got a 40Gig Maxtor HDD laying around that I am going to add to my system today to get he job done instead...

      Thanks in advance for any working solution though!!!

      UPDATE: The Maxtor is in...formating it now but I forgot to hook the antennae back up, so I gotta go back in one more time after its done...hopefully!!!
      Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)


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        Still confused as to what u are trying to boot up exactly...
        Grub2 will boot up pretty much all linux / bsd etc from an any / filesystem its supports i.e ext2/3 reiserfs / iso etc...
        Just need to pass the right info to the kernel its launchin where root is & kernel (options)

        Grub2 wont pretend to be a virtual dvd drive & fool what its launching,
        So i am gonna assume u tryin to update / reinstall windows, which u really want to be lookin @ grub4dos.
        Or better if your bios supports booting from usb, its a much better solution.

        But anyway more info on what u are trying todo will make it easier to help