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win 7 sleep problem

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  • win 7 sleep problem

    hi guys!

    I have a problem with puting my car pc into sleep mode

    it's a notebook with a healthy battery, until now I had another notebook with a bad battery so when I killed the power, it went off in several minutes, but for this one the sleep option is a must and it won't sleep if centrafuse is running...

    It seems that centrafuse won't let it sleep

    I set it to sleep after one minute when on battery(when I remove my key from the ignition) but it won't do it if centrafuse is running(music is playing, navigation is running or something)

    if cf is running and the music is playing, it won't go to sleep, but if there is no music playing, it will...

    I found in performance tools of win7 an option if the music is playing(in general) that will enable it to sleep but it doesn't work regarding cf...

    I'm running cf 3.5 on win 7 ultimate edition..

    can this be fixed? how to tell the computer to ignore running programs and go to sleep?
    laptop based e46 carpc

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    does anybody know??
    laptop based e46 carpc


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      Did you try and update to centrafuse 3.6 just a thought SNO


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        nope, I'm actually considering going back to cf 2.x..

        but that isn't a cf problem, it's a windows feature...
        laptop based e46 carpc