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  • 15 sec gap

    i'm getting a 15 second gap between the loading of the bios and the start of the black windows loading screen. all there is is just a black screen, is there anyway to get rid of that, its seriously slowing down my load time
    my setup - finally

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    IDE drive detection problem? CD in CD Drive???

    MAybe post some specs, motherboard information etc, memory sizes etc


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      its an M10000 motherboard with 512mb ram, hd on one ide, dvd dirve on the other, all the settings are optimized in the bios, set to load the hd first. i set the bios to display whats loading and it jumps through the bios in like 2 sec, but then it hits that blank screen for 15 sec
      my setup - finally


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        Hmm, could it be a driver issue in XP? If thats what you are running. check the event logs for any errors and download and run bootvis from microsoft to find out why it is taking so long for windows to boot.


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          Run bootvis and see what causing the lag..
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            is bootvis something in windows or the bios or something i have to dl?
            my setup - finally


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              It is no longer avail from try here