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NLITED XP PRO SP2 and PhoneControl. What NOT to delete?

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  • NLITED XP PRO SP2 and PhoneControl. What NOT to delete?

    I got my XP PRO SP2 nLited and it works great (BT, LAN, dial-up -everything's working), except PhoCo gives me that error

    I did some research and found a few messages with some partial explanation of performance counters (whatever the f*&^k it is) and zorro's warning not to install it on a crippled nlited system.
    I installed everything that Zorro mentioned in that previous post. The only remedy I tried was to enable (one by one and all together) those f*&^*ing performance counters, but it didn't work in my case. The funny thing is that PhoCo works fine (sorta) with the full install of XP pro. The sound is a bit cracking and I got rather slow connection, but I blame it on my old Belkin BT adapter.

    Anywho, the big question is what not to delete during an nlite defloration of the XP PRO SP2?

    CarPC in Infiniti FX35

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    CarPC in Infiniti FX35


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      And you should know that Zorro doesn't provide PhoCo support on these forums. Go to the official website for support.
      He's stated that very clearly a number of times.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Well i stripped everything out of XP2 Pro
        Except: IR, Bluetooth and Tapi support
        This are the ONLY 3 things i did not select and they are for Phoco

        I use klite codec pack, winamp and the mediaplayer classic that comes with klite codec. I also use FireFox so i can strip all the other ***** out of it.

        I now have a 10 / 11 second boot time of my MII12000 from IDE flash disk dongle. 10 / 11 is full boot and from hibernate file because i have 512Mb of mem Iguidance Phoco and RoadRunner just go above the 225 Mb of mem usage.


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          Every time I hit a problem its XP(Integrated SP2).

          Seems XP(nothing)+sp1+sp2+fixes is better, takes longer to install, but seems better.

          And winamp seems to need more cpu than WMP10 on my p4 system, videos are def better and the frame rate is more constant, dont know why, the fact that a MS app seems to run better than independant software scares me.......
          Lez, more widely known as flez1966