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Reinstalling OS on my CarPC - how to tweak it?

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  • Reinstalling OS on my CarPC - how to tweak it?

    I'm about to format my CarPC hard disk, and reinstall everything from scratch!
    My intention is to improve boot times, don't care too much about footprint.

    Here are my basic system specs:
    - Shuttle FS51 mainboard (SiS 651B Chipset)
    - Intel Celeron 2.4GHz
    - 786MB DDR333 RAM
    - Hitachi Travlerstar 40G 5400RPM 2.5

    I plan to partition it this way:
    Drive C - Operating System (2GB, or more if needed)
    Drive D - MP3s and Media (38GB)

    I intend to do the following:
    - Harsh XPLite tweaking (you can always restore removed components)
    - Drive and Service tweaking
    - Registry tweaks
    - Shell Replacement

    Do you think I should install
    1. nLite - does it provide anything XPLite can't do?
    2. MinLogon - anything downsides I should consider (except Ctrl+Alt+Del, fixed by Frodo's service?)
    3. EWF - does it benefit people which use a hard drive?

    I did an quite extensive search in the forum, have I forgotten anything?
    Lior "Fireball"

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    See this sub-forum:
    AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
    Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

    -GPSSecure- - GPS Tracking
    -AltTabber2.2.2- - Handy touchscreen utility.


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      My bad... Brady, thanks for moving the thread.
      Lior "Fireball"


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        Can any of your give me some advice please?

        By the way, I have never seen a comparison of nLite vs. XPLite, has anyone used both?
        Lior "Fireball"


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          [One month later...]

          I gave up nLite!

          Do you think I should install MinLogon or EWF?
          Lior "Fireball"


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            EWF won't do you any good if you're using a hard drive

            go with minlogon
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              Lior "Fireball"


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                All the tweaks above really don't help hibernation. They will help regular boot time though. Check my install the video is from a install that is just a regular windows xp pro sp2 nothing tweaked.
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                  have bought toyota ist with an installed.The model is nhct-w54 nasi-os and it is all in japanese language.

                  Can anyone help me find an english language manual

                  Help is much appreciated


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                    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                    How about the Wiki?

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                      I haven't been reading this forum for very long, but one thing I haven't really seen is anybody talking about turning off unneeded services in XP. Yes removing components helps, but there are still lot of services installed that run by default that don't need to be active and can be disabled.

                      Search for Black Viper and you will find a guide to turning off Windows Services. This will help as well.


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                        There are multiple threads that cover these exact topics an a lot more. Like Brady said, spend some time in and it will guide you through a lot.

                        just do some searching on what can be kept and what can be thrown away.