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Resume from hibernation time on CF?

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  • Resume from hibernation time on CF?

    Whats the resume time like using a CF card as the boot device?

    Im looking for the fastest resume time possible

    Also, I know the Opus has a slight power on delay time. What DC-DC PSUs dont have this delay?
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    I also wanted to know this. I want to add to the question (if you don't mind):
    Is it worth it to have hibernation with a CF (size VS speed) or the speed won't differ much??

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      I was thinking the same before i bought my stuff..
      I googled and searched on this forum and come up with this:

      I have a Serial ATA 5400 RPM 80 gig and its very fast and stabile it does its job very well in the car.

      I live in Sweden and have about -15Cº in the winter as normaly temp and it works good.

      The Only interrest in a CF is that its not that Temperature sensitive.
      Ive heard its "populare" in Canada sence its very very cold there in winter.

      The negative is that the CF Dont have 100% Read correction.. it loses some info in every 10 000 reads or something.. and thats not good in Operative system.. It might work anyway in most cases but i prefer an ordernary Harddrive =)
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        I understand that unless it's a fast CF card, and apparently they vary enormously, the read time is behind a 2.5" HDD @ around 12Gb per sec. The main advantages of CF are size, power consumption and no moving parts. Speed is a negative.
        The best way to reduce hibernation time is to use less RAM, 256 instead of 512.