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outputing audio channels on W2K

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  • outputing audio channels on W2K

    my sytem is set as follows :
    W2K, sempron mobile 2800, 512MB ram, Matrox G450 dual VGA out, two 8" TFT, asrock K8U-760GX mobo with 5.1 on board "soundcard".

    For rear seat, I'd like to play some ripped video thru mediaplayer classic.
    For front passenger, I'd like to play some other ripped video thru another mediaplayer instance.
    For the driver, I'd like to play some mp3 thru fb2k.
    All this at the same time.

    Each of the 3 listeners would use headphones.
    My mobo has 3 stereo minijacks outputs.

    How could I to direct the stereo soundtrack of each (media)player to the right listener

    Changing the soundcard would be accepted if needed.

    I've tried solutions around ASIO4ALL, fb2k asio out plugin, but I could output audio only on the main (=front) minijack.

    Any advice would be very welcome please


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    Multiple soundcards.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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      and then ?

      I would prefer a clever solution which would exploit all my already available channels.

      Do you think that using many stereo soundcards instead of one 6 channel would very simply solve this problem ?


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        cannot get stereo output pairs to work independentely on any multichannel soundcard.

        So, I installed an USB 2ch soundcard and now I can listen to a soundtrack on the headphone socket of my on board soundcard while another mediaplayer is playing a different soundtrack thru the USB soundcard.

        Hope some day a cleverer person would find out a better solution...