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Win XP logon screen!

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  • Win XP logon screen!

    Ok, so I am sick of the login screen. I don't want my carputer to have a login screen each time it loads. I changed it to classic login so I don't get that "pretty" user choice screen but it still asks me of course. How to I get XP to load up without a login pop up or screen?

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      There are several way to do this. I use a prog called TweakXP, to set it to auto-login, with or without a password. There is a manual way too, I just can never remember it, besides TweekXP has a lot of other things that you can change in windows easily!

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        Click: START
        Click: RUN
        Type: control userpasswords2 [ENTER]
        highlight the user you want to log into Windoze as.
        Uncheck: Users must enter a user name and password to log on
        Click: APPLY
        Type: The password for the highlighted user in both password blanks
        Click: OK

        Click: START
        Click: CONTROL PANEL
        Double-click: DISPLAY
        Click: SCREEN SAVER tab
        Unckeck: On resume, password protect
        Click: POWER
        Click: ADVANCED tab
        Uncheck: Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby
        Click: OK
        Click: OK

        And you really do need to search, logike30. This is something that's been posted here many, many times. Consider this your freebie. The next one will only be a result of searching for your answers rather than expecting someone to be kind-hearted enough to spoon-feed you.
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          Gee thanks..