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WinXP SP2 boot times suck(even after mods)!! HELP!

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  • WinXP SP2 boot times suck(even after mods)!! HELP!

    Hi guys.

    I get an overall boot time of 50 sec into windows.

    I have done registry mods, "lightening" windows, disabled some services and even use minlogon.

    Can any of you guys recommend what else i can do? or maybe something that has really worked for you guys?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Get a faster hard drive. Reduce USB devices
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      check you BIOS settings. check your HW - focus especially on your IDE devices (HDD,ODD) master/slave setting. Do an analysis - download Bootvis and run trace on it. It will tell you whats taking its time
      post your findings to get useful reply.


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        remove your wifi adapter if you have one. I use a pcmcia card in my laptop at work but it broke and so I switched to a netgear usb one.. geez did it make my computer a tird for bootup.. it added probably 20 seconds or more.. I unplug it, and it boots quick.. err.. quicker (its only a 600mhz)
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