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  • Desktop hangs

    Im using tinyxp platinum edition on a toshiba a45 laptop. After the welcome screen the desktop just hangs, I can do ctrl alt del but nothing else like right clicks. The icons and button task bar does not show up. Occasionally I will get lucky and the desktop will load. The explorer.exe is also running so my only real option is to get rid of it from the shell and just use the frontend as the main. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Its messing with my boot time tremendously

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    Nvm I fixed my problem by using minlogon and setting my frontend as the shell. 20 second boot times and 2 second shutdowns is good enough for me

    Also my friend whos a computer technician told me that, adding more ram will not increase your boot time. He said the amount of time to load ram is 1/1000th of a second or even less. My laptop can be expanded to 2gigs and its currently at 256 right now. I was wondering if I should upgrade to at least 1gig if what he says is true.