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Pagefile size vs startup & performance

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  • Pagefile size vs startup & performance

    I have searched for information regarding the size a pagefile should be for incar use. I have a full winxp install as i dont feel the nlite etc route leads to as stable a machine.

    In posts about nlite minlogon people are having really small pagefiles, but i was wondering what sort of size people thin i should run?

    My machine is a 512mb intel 1.6 and i use hibernate and standby. I am not worried about overall install size more performance. Im using the beta of streetdeck and have configured msconig [386] conservativepagefileusage=1

    Any advice be welcome as the current settings are for a 700mb + page file.

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    No advice on this then? Not even any feelings


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        I dont run a page file, period.

        I have 1gb of ram, but you could at least try it.


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          the paging file doesnt make a difference in startups... it does add some help when you run a couple of applications at the same time... which likely WONT happen in your carpc...

          I would disable the paging file.. (as a matter of fact, i already did on my carpc)
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