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  • XP Stripped to the Bone Edition

    I usually don't lurk in these threads but stay mostly in the RR side.

    But, I have seen a lot of talk about TinyXP / Beast Edition and problems. I just wanted to suggest the Stripped to the Bone Edition. I have been using this for a long time now with no problems.

    My hardware is a Xenarc SC-3 P4 2.0 with 512 memory running Road Runner and almost all the plugins installed and Klite Codecs.

    I did a quick search and only found one mention here:

    You can do a torrent search to find the software.

    What was still included in this edition I removed with XPLite.

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    sorry just a few question for you do you use any phone software or have any .net installed and BT capabilities and do you run any video cam captures via usb cam or vid capture cards those seem to be the major things stripped from these installs and ive been playing with vmware but dont wanna end up with a crippled install

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