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standby working? maybe. but wake = cold boot

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  • standby working? maybe. but wake = cold boot

    Hi, I'm trying to get a hold on this standby thing.

    I went into my BIOS and set the ACPI standby to S3(STR)
    and disabled USB wake

    I went into windows and told windows to standby when power was pushed.

    I turned off my truck and waited for my DSATX to power down. When power down happens, windows changes screens real quick and I cant really see what it's doing, then the power goes off. It could be going into standby, i'm not sure.

    When I turn the truck back on, it starts from a cold start and reloads windows from a cold start, not standby.

    the DSATX is in factory settings.

    please help

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    Is it a cold boot, or do you see little white boxes on the bottom part of the screen after the XP logo? The little white boxes filling up (not scrolling), means hibernation.

    As for standby, it needs continuous power. Continuous! So if you put it in standby, then the DSATX cuts power after so many seconds, then it loses all of it's info stored in RAM (which if you know is volatile memory meaning no power = no storage). I don't have a DSATX but the principle is the same for all PSU's and shutdown controllers. Check the manual and find out what the soft off/hard off defaults are. If you see something like 5s/45s, then after you pull the key, nothing happens for 5 seconds. Then it goes into standby. 45s later if nobody has rewakened it, it essentially rips the plug from the wall and no power at all to your computer.

    So you can set that to something like soft off after so many seconds and never hardoff, then basically it will go into standby and keep the computer in a low power on state (S3) until you or the DSATX pushes the on button again, and it springs to life. Now, if you don't push your button/start your car for a few days, then you will have a dead battery more than likely, because this will never shut off the computer by pulling the plug. Always constant discharge.
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      The DSATX cuts power completely to the system after a certain period of time. The default is 90 second after the power button press.

      You''ll need to reprogram the DSATX using the brainstem (I hope you bought one!) and set ENABLESLEEP to 0.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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