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S3 but no stand-by option?

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  • S3 but no stand-by option?

    Okay, got kind of a weird problem, and couldnt find an aswer searching.

    I have my system pretty much ready to go, but for some reason, when I enable S3 in my bios, the stand-by option goes away in Windows.

    When I switch to S1 in bios, the stand-by options is there. Weird.

    Short of trying all the options in S3 mode, Im confused.

    Id really like S3 so the fans and crap would turn off, any ideas?

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    If the BIOS doesn't support standby in S3, there's nothing that can be done short of hacking the BIOS.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Did you have the machine to S1 or S3 when you installed windows? Because if you had it set to S1 then a reinstall might be in order. I've had some machines that if you didnt have it set to S3 during install then it will never work. The other thing is make sure your video drivers are installed properly because that can cause standby issues as well. Last but not least see if there is a bios update for your motherboard, it's possible the problem was fixed in a later revision.
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        do you have a correct VGA driver loaded? S3 will not be available with "standart VGA" driver


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          Originally posted by LagunaICE View Post
          do you have a correct VGA driver loaded? S3 will not be available with "standart VGA" driver


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            My bios obviously supports S3 because it gives the option of S1, S1+S3 (not sure what this is), and S3.

            I may have to try the reinstall thing, just cause there isnt really anything on the system at this point and it wouldnt be tough to do.

            My display drivers are installed, at least not a standard VGA driver. I have a Geforce2 PCI video card to get 800x480 res. So Id definately need the driver to input special resolutions.