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whats your fastest boot time on a pIII 700mhz-1ghz

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  • whats your fastest boot time on a pIII 700mhz-1ghz

    ive got a PIII 850mhz, 256mb ram, using nlite on xp pro pretty stripped down, all unnecessary services disabled, all special effects in windows off, and bootvis optimized >5 times. getting a 32 seconds from boot to start menu. anyone with similar specs getting something faster? i cant use minlogon cuz of centrafuse

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    No, I get 34 seconds on my PIII 800 MHz, 384MB RAM w/ just a regular XP Pro install with many services disabled and the special effects all off. I am starting to have hard drive problems though and will be replacing my desktop with the HP Core Solo laptop on sale at Best Buy on Black Friday.
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      wow p3 34 seconds wow man thats lightning fast , i've never heard such thing before.


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        my home server is unoptimized p3 650Mhz with 64Mb RAM and I think 16 of it is stolen for video memory. Boots from button to able to click things with a response in about 45 seconds. Running XP Pro and Apache. No other services.
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          p3 550,256Mb RAM 1 min. services disabled and Centrafuse.
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            Itx p3 1.1-1.0ghz
            128mb pc133 (it seems wierd but it's faster this way) (need to test out 512mb soon)
            80gb ide ata 7.2k 8mb cache
            USB sound card
            (testing on regular powersupply at home)
            xp pro Sp1 (nlite modifed) (uses about 32mbs on startup)
            RoadRunner skin

            cold boot 25 sec.
            resuming from hibernate ~13 sec.

            It should be even faster now, i'll time it


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              My Boot time

              Hey hey folks...

              I've got a Dell GX100 beefed up with a 800mhz CPU and 256mb of ram. Got it runnin XP SP2, with no services disabled, a few startup options modded and my boot time is about 50 seconds.

              I just recently put everything back in the car and did a fresh install of XP. Gonna tweak it a bit here in the near future but I hope to get it down quicker.

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                I have a PIII 700-M Dell Laptop with 256MB (MAX )

                My boot time is somewhere around 25 sec... it would be shorter, but the Dell Post logo stays on there for about 5-8 sec....

                I use an NLite'd version of XP as well....

                @OP: How fast is your HDD?

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                  It's only 4200 rpm which is prolly my issue. Could you post up the ini file of your nlite installation so i can compare. maybe we can put ours together and make something even faster. 25 seconds is QUICK! is that to click time?


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                    Originally posted by hari-bhari View Post
                    It's only 4200 rpm which is prolly my issue. Could you post up the ini file of your nlite installation so i can compare. maybe we can put ours together and make something even faster. 25 seconds is QUICK! is that to click time?
                    Well, my car pc isn't running, but I do have a 5400RPM drive, so I'm sure that's your issue...

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                      Wow i feel scummy...I am loadin win2k (don't ask why, stability testing) on a p4 2Ghz, 1Gig DDR, 80Gb Sata...and it take me over a minute at least. I am in the 30+sec range just from hibernating. I am finally got it all setup nice and sweet, but those times are killin me. I am planning on going to XP Pro. But what about all the updatea and crap? Also, i have used n-lite only to make a sata driver bootable OS before, need some help on that...I know if i seach long enough i'll get results. Just wondering the basics before i start really applying time to it. I'm just gonna wait til after finals, but info for now would be great!


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                        ^have you done any optimization yet?

                        here are the things that i've noticed (in my research at least) to have significant impact on loading time (EWF & bootvis are XP exlcusive... i THINK):

                        -setting all bos settings optimally (designating drives instead of auto-detecting, using the "quick boot" option, disabling things that aren't in use, disabling the memory check, etc...)
                        -using Nlite to remove unneccesary services, drivers, and files
                        -using bootvis to optimize bootup, then disable prefetching
                        -using EWF? (the logic behind this, on a regular HD, would be to prevent fragmentation, i suppose?)
                        -using minlogin (do this last as, i belive it disables bootvis)

                        this is just from my lil bit of research though, so i could full well be wrong on any number of counts. If anybody has better answers & techniques, correct me

                        also... this just occured to me... what kind of mobo is it?
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                          i'm running on a biostar board. It's been around 6 months since i've put it in...and like 3 since i've been touchscreen-less....SO i am just getting around to getting it in tip top again. I forget a lot of the specs. I haven't done any optimizatons as of yet. I'm still trying to get it somewhere in decent shape before i start optimizin and tweaking. I am doing the research, just wanted to see what some people recomending.


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                            P3 1.2/512/40GB 4200 RPM XP Pro SP2, stripped down... cold boot = ~35 seconds, resume from hibernate to centrafuse = ~ 10 seconds


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                              I'll try to see if i can post my .ini file