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  • Big Help Installing Windows

    I formatted the CarPC to install my own windows (I have windows XP Media Center) well after screwing with the partitioning and formatting the harddrive I was able to install my copy of windows. But now I have no Standby option, hibernate i cant even shut down, well i can i have to like pull the power plug each time i need to shut down. Also my touch screen doesnt work now i have the driver but dunno maybe doing something wrong. I lost the volume. So basically i shouldnt have formatted the carPC but its done now.

    Guys any suggestions or inputs or where can i start


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    Just a wild guess but you didn't install any drivers. Naughty naughty.

    The touchscreen needs drivers. Download and install Touch Kit. Do a google for "touchkit drivers" and you'll find a ton of sites.

    Just because it works doesn't mean it is working properly. The drivers that it is using now, are all the unoptimized bundled drivers. For hibernate and standby you need to install video drivers. Also enable hibernation by going to system prperties --> hibernation and enabling the boxes.

    You really should know this if you are going to do a CarPC because you are going to have one hell of a headache if you don't even know rudimentary xp things.
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      Oh no I am aware of the drive and i made sure i backed all the drivers to my laptop before formatting but i installed the touch screen driver and nothing happened and now i realized that i have 2 more touch kit driver thing so i will try those too. About the standby and hib i went to the system and i dun even have the option. When u click on start and shut down i have only Restart and shutoff.

      I will install the video drivers and see if i get the options of standby and hib


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        Download the updates from
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          Are u using a legit version of windows. If so that may be your problem