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Questions about upgrading to 9.10

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  • Questions about upgrading to 9.10

    I am currently running Ubuntu 9.04. I would like to upgrade to 9.10, but I have a few things to consider 1st...

    1) Will my programs and settings remain intact(like my grub boot menu and grub splash image...spent a lot of time getting it set and looking like I want it)

    2)Will my Desktop appearance and settings remain intact(spent a lot of time here too)

    3)Will my menu.1st remain intact(got it set like I want it, and I am Triple booting Ubuntu, XP, and Windows 7)

    4)Will grub2 replace my current grub(I installed 9.04 using the EXT4 file system...won't mind if it will NOT cause problems)

    5)I am using the Mythbuntu Desktop(will it remain intact and functional)

    6)Will my login and network settings remain intact?

    I have already installed all available updates for 9.04

    If any of these things will be affected negatively, I will NOT be upgrading. I spent months browsing forums, threads, and googling just to get my system somewhat decent right. I still haven't gotten my touchscreen working right(can't calibrate my screen for some reason, which is why Linux is NOT my default navigation software available for Linux at the moment sucks butt). Good thing I have a Keyboard and Touchpad(which DOES work). I am not as savvy with Linux as I am with Windows(advanced user), and have learned a lot, but I don't want to spend another 6 months correcting all kinds of issues that I finally have fixed.

    Thanks in advance!!!
    Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)