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  • OS from ramdrive help

    What version of ghost should I use to clone 98lite so that I can run it from ramdrive? I have read that ghost has gone through many generation changes and that some versions will not work. What soft ware do I need to buy to run my OS from ramdrive? I have searched for this but I cant seem to find specific names of either the version of ghost or the software required for ramdrive. All I know is that the Microsoft supplied version is to small.

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    I don't understand the question. I boot Windows 98 SE lite from ramdrive. It happens like this. Autoexec.bat creates on image in ramdrive (X from zip file on flashdrive and puts the boot image there. My autoexec.bat takes care of this:

    c:\winboot\smartdrv.exe a- b- c- d+
    c:\command\xmsdsk 50000 X: /y /t /c2
    c:\command\pkunzip c:\ X: -d -o
    set COMSPEC=x:\windows
    mode con codepage prepare=((850) X:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ega.cpi)
    mode con codepage select=850
    keyb uk,,X:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\keyboard.sys

    xmsdsk creates the ramdrive, comspec says where the windows image is. The image registry has been modified with coa2 to think everything lives on x:

    By ramdrive do you mean a flash drive, because ramdrives lose their contents when you switch off the machine (unless you have battery backup).
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      I have 98lite/98se running perfectly, with winamp as my media player. I want to be able to shut down and restart with the same registry every time so that I don’t eventually end up with a corrupt registry. In the event that I encounter an error I want to be able to simply shut down and restart. I am not interested in saving any data.

      At this point all of this is over my head but I will pick apart and google every thing you posted until I understand it all. Any further advice links or subjects to google please post. Your advice in the past has always been great.


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        Some links:

        "How-to" I wrote on digital-car :
        Original link I based my work on :
        Old Systems retired due to new car
        New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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          Thank you. Very much.