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Deep Freeze and Windows 95/98

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  • Deep Freeze and Windows 95/98

    I was playing with Windows 9x and Deep Freeze a while ago and was wondering, how well that could work for a CarPC running Winamp.

    what i want to do is take an old laptop or desktop and put Windows on a compact Flash card plugged into the primary/master IDE port. then i want a medium hard drive (30 or so GB) to hold some MP3s. I want Winamp to play them.

    I want to make this PC come on with the ignition key, and have it shut off with the car, ie: just cut the power to the PC, no shutdown of Win. I was thinking that Deep Freeze would be perfect for this because it would keep Windows from screwing itself when i pull the plug. But, i dont know how Winamp would work with this. I was thinking of putting it on the ThawSpace disk (virtual drive that keeps files when rebooting) that is created by DF. But, what if Winamp gets screwed up? i use Winamp for my desktop and laptops, but i dont know how it would react to the computer when it gets shut off. I would like Winamp to remember songs and playlists and such, otherwisei'd put it on the frozen C: drive with Windows.

    any thoughts?