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  • Just HORM only...

    Hi all,

    I would like to have HORM support on my regular winXP sp2 running on hard disk with any optimization or other tricks...

    Just HORM, without EWF, minilogon, etc etc... I just need the ability to switch off my computer and resume from the same hibernation file.

    Following instructions I found in this forum also from SFiorito I was not able to get it working... the system does not resume, but every time boot normally

    Any suggestion or procedure, that can simply help me?

    Many thanks!

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    bios possibly also let us know the mobo your running
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      I tryed on different machines... the last one is a Toshiba satellite 4080 tha I use as "test machine" and the result is the same!

      I replaced the ntldr file and created horm.dat (old resmany.dat), plus activated the hibernate function of course... I put the system in hibernate, at restart it recovers from hiberfile.sys, but then it boot normally.

      This time I used the last xpe files and resmany.dat is replaced by horm.dat



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        Is it possible to get HORM working on XP? I swear Microsoft just told me the other day that it only worked with XPE. but I didn't have time to double check. It was just kewl to hear about 18 seconds boot times.
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          YEAH! Just solved!!! Now it works... need to install anyway the ewf files.

          I used the files extracted from "XPeSP2FeaturePack2007.iso" downloaded by MS site.

          1. replace the original ntldr with renamed ewfntldr using recovery console on xp CD and restart
          2. copy ewfapi.dll, ewfdll.dll, ewfmgr.exe in system32 dir
          3. copy ewf.sys in system32\drivers dir
          4. copy horm.dat in root dir (same as ntldr), c:\
          5. add to the registry the ewf informations using a .reg file (ones indicated by sfiorito here:
          6. enable hibernation support on the system if not yet
          7. restart and use command prompt as following:

          Microsoft Windows XP [Versione 5.1.2600]
          (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

          C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ewfmgr
          RAM (REG) Configuration
          Device Name "\Device\HarddiskVolume1" [C:]
          HORM Active

          If you see "HORM active" now you can try to hibernate and resume as many times you want by the same hiberfile.sys

          EWF protection is still disabled till you don't enable it using ewfmgr.exe


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            And quite simple to do

            Will try this tomorrow when I get in the car.
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              So what kind of boot times do you get from power on to running your front end?
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                Hi profit!

                The boot time is less then 10 sec. considering also the POST time of the bios.
                I used 256MB of RAM on my system (AMD Sempron 2800+, Gigabyte mini ATX MB ) that's a good compromise between running speed and no too much data to write and read during hibernation and resuming.

                With horm you can just switch off the pc immediately (cut current) when you stop, without wait for hibernation or windows to stop. Of course you'll lose changes made to your configuration (need to hiberante again to save).
                EWF protection active could help not to corrupt data on the hard disk when you switch off the pc suddenly.


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                  the answer is to not kill the power but to let the PC shut down in its own time

                  Its startup times that matter, much more so than shutdown.
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                    sorry, i've been away from my PC all weekend, but glad you got it working. I need some time to update my install instructions to reflect the latest changes in FP2007 (FP2008 is in BETA actually).

                    I wouldn't recommend just pulling the plug on your system if it's not protected by EWF though...
                    EWF, HORM, MinLogon on XP.

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                      Corrupt Hibernation Data

                      I've installed the horm as above works fine, but if I restart my pc I get the error recovery screen quoting that hibernation data is corrupt.

                      Any ideas ?


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                        hey guys, am I just stupid? I can't find the dll files, dat, or sys files when I search for them from the extracted XPeSP2FeaturePack2007.iso

                        Am I missing something?


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                          how to find files...

                          Inside the ISO there is the XPEFP2007.exe "self extracting cabinet", open it with 7zip or winzip, you'll find inside other folders and files: in the "rep" folder there are all needed files for ewf, horm, etc...


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                            Followed all of the steps (....I think). When I run ewfmgr, i get a returne "Unable to find an EWF volume". Any ideas or info for this problem?

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                              I just followed these instructions to get HORM working and it works perfect excellent!