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EWF and continous reboot

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  • EWF and continous reboot

    I have installed EWF SP2 to windows XP which is configured by nLite. When I make ewfmgr c: -commit and power down and restart PC in some cases it reboots continously after windows xp sliding screen shows up. Do you have any idea why this happens?
    Except this everything works well. I have to make commit because I have to change IP address of PC.

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    No help

    At least could you guess which might be the reason or how can I debug this.
    In some discussions it is said that before shutdown EWF dows not finish its job or after commit it should be rebooted not shutdown. Any comment on this.


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      I guess you didn't turn off the autoreboot, so go to:
      Control Panel -> System -> Advanced tab -> (Settings) Startup and Recovery -> uncheck the automatically restart.
      The XP should stop from continuous rebooting when you enabled the EWF, and you could see what the error is.
      Hope it could help a bit.

      And as I asked you on PM, that you haven't answered: did you download the EWF from ( If yes, maybe that EWF is outdated.