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  • EWF boot problem

    I recently got EWF working on my hard drive in preparation for creation of a CF boot disk. The problem is that after I enable EWF the "Windows did not boot correctly last time" menu shows on every boot, and so unless I hit enter (which is rare because my keyboard is usually put away), I have to wait 30 seconds for it to time out. Very annoying. Note that this does NOT happen the first time I boot Windows after I turn on EWF, only on subsequent boots. Any clue as to why this happens or how to fix it?

    In case it's relevant, I'm using minlogon, and have an M2 which has been spotty about turning the computer off when the IGN switch is turned off (but I have it set to kill the power at 1 minute), and I have the computer set to "shutdown" (no hibernation, as my CF won't be able to support it).

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    Rename bootstat.dat something else, in your windows directory.

    Problem solved.


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      Thanks! I'll try that. While I'm happy with it "just working", could you explain what it does?


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        bootstat.dat is updated on each successful boot by NTLDR. If it's not there then the Automatic Recovery does not show up anymore.
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          Okay I searched for the file and it doesn't show up. Yes, I have hidden files viewable. The only file in c:\ with the word "boot" in the filename is boot.ini.

          I loaded it as normal, turned off EWF, and then searched. I can't delete files with EWF turned on, right?


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            c:\windows matey


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              Ah, search doesn't look in c:\windows. Done and done. Awaiting spectacular results on next few boots. ;-)