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NT Workstation 4.0?

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  • NT Workstation 4.0?

    Ok, I was browsing ebay and noticed you can get NT workstation 4.0 for around $12-15.

    Unfortunatly I know next to nothing about NT (I went from 98 to XP, skipping ME and all the rest)

    How well would it work for a car pc?


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    It wont work. You will be lucky to get drivers for anything about 6 years old or less. I doubt you would even get touch screen drivers for it. Half the software wont run on it either and USB support will be limited if at all. NT4 dates from about 1996 maybe 97 so its hardly surprising really. Windows 2000 was a huge improvement over it but XP is better and newer still.
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      NT4 does NOT support USB. Basically NT4 is Win95 with better networking support.
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        Originally posted by MatrixPC View Post
        NT4 does NOT support USB. Basically NT4 is Win95 with better networking support.
        The first statement is correct. The second statement is completely false.
        While the interface is the same, NT architecture and Win9x architechture are pretty much at opposite ends of the spectrum.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          Well the first statement was partially correct. It didn't support USB natively, there were a few 3rd Party add ons that allowed it to.

          And essentially to an end user the second was correct as normally they wouldn't see all the extra security features that were built into it. It's only when on a network, especially a domain controlled one that those features came into there own.

          A third to add to the pot was stability, it was far more stable than win 9x, even so it is still known for the blue screen of death.

          Both Windows 2000 and to a lesser degree win XP are built from the basic core of NT4, infact win2k was also known as NT5.