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winlogon keeps duplicating itself

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  • winlogon keeps duplicating itself

    hey guys

    I'm using xp and i can't copy minlogon over winlogon because winlogon replicates itself every time i try. I changed the first winlogon.exe to winlogon.exe.bak. then i tried to bring in minlogon and change its named to winlogon and it would give me an error that a file with that name already exists. so then i tried changing the name of the file (minlogon) before i brought it in the system32 folder to copy over winlogon and it'd let me do it. a few seconds later minlogon would become the old winlogon. any suggestions on how to overcome this would be great.
    project: built, updating software
    comp: 1.67 ghz AMD, 1 gig of ram, 80 gb hd
    software: nlited xp, roadrunner
    screen: TM-701L touchscreen
    bluetooth keyboard
    Sony Xplod cdx-m630
    SB MP3 sound card
    future: gps with and navigation software

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    Tried safe mode?


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      I had the exact same problem. I eventually got past it by disabling windows file protection. I did so by following a combination of steps from the following links.

      After I had WFP disabled, I was able to rename winogon.exe and copy over a renamed minlogon. Hope this helps.


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        You can also go and delete winlogon.exe from the dllcache folder


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          so simple

          Yeah !

          Winlogon.exe kept resurrecting because it was in dllcache.

          I've just spent hours trying to do this because Debug wouldn't work in my nLite version of XP Pro. I didn't have autoexec.nt, config.nt and about 10 other files and I couldn't disable WFP.

          An old thread resurrected but it worked for me.