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Resume from Hibernation PAINFULLY slow... (but on only one of two OS's)

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  • Resume from Hibernation PAINFULLY slow... (but on only one of two OS's)

    Hi all,

    So I have a dual-boot setup on my pc... it's a laptop running XP SP2 on one partition and Vista Ultimate on the other.

    I spent a whole day doing tweaks to get this sucker to boot as fast as possible without having to go the way of a mini OS (TinyXP etc). I'm very happy with the results of a cold boot... going into both Vista or XP, it's fast.

    Hibernation is strange though. In Vista, resume from hibernation is super fast. No complaints. But resume from hibernation in XP, is SOOOOO SLOOOOOW. The main thing I'm running on either partition is Streetdeck, but that doesn't really matter because I close all programs before hibernating anyway. So either way I'm resuming to the desktop with no apps running.

    So I'm using identical hardware, but Vista resumes from hibernation in about 7 secs, where XP takes about a minute!!

    Any ideas on that? Even if I can't figure out what the big difference is between XP and Vista, I'd really just like to get XP to resume faster. Any tips?


    PS - does my paging file size (virtual ram) have any effect on resume speed?
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    The only thing that matters is physical RAM. The more RAM you have, the longer it takes. If Vista takes 7 seconds, it probably isn't Hibernate, it's probably Standby (which consumes power, be careful).
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      Thanks for your reply. I do know the difference between Standby and Hibernate. I promise that it's hibernate on both OS's.

      I thought about doing a little webvideo showing the two different OS's resuming from hibernate, but then I figured out as I was doing it that it was completely unnecessary and I think people will know what I'm experiencing from reading my post.

      So physical RAM is the only RAM that matters... ok, because I adjusted down my virtual RAM to save a little room on my harddrive. I don't think it would affect the resume time THAT much though.

      The only other thing that I remembered after my post is about the Readyboost function of Vista. I have a 1GB USB drive connected which Vista uses as a readyboost drive (for those unfamiliar, Vista can use a USB drive to act similarly to the virtual ram pagefile in previous versions of WIndows). It's entirely possible that the Readyboost function is helping the resume from hibernate speed in Vista.
      My Grandma & Her Friends on Their Spring Vacation