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  • Cf Card/SSD Disk/USB Flashdrive/Normal Harddrive

    what is the best idea for the car pc.. Obviously its about the boot time, and im trying to figure out what is the best idea. Ive heard the problems with the CF card and i would like to run a more natural windows than that. That kind of throws out the USB flashdrive as well. Is it worth going out and buying a SSD disk, for like 100 bucks for a 4 gig, install windows and use that, or just use a normal SATA 3.0/GBS Harddrive. What are your boot times with normal Hd's vs. like the CF flash or the SSD harddrives. IF my boot time is trying to be between 20-30 secs.. will i be ok with normal. ( I wil use nlite to strip down as wel..)

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    Boot time is going to vary depending on hard drive speed, motherboard, CPU, amount and type of RAM and BIOS configuration.

    As such, knowing what everyone else's boot times are is really pretty useless without hardware specs.

    And even then, it's of no use to you unless someone has the same hardware as you/
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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