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Dom IDE Card or CF Card w/ SATA or IDE connector

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  • Dom IDE Card or CF Card w/ SATA or IDE connector

    well i was looking at a 2 GB Dom CArd for 60 bucks, which is about hte price of a fast Compact Flash card w/ a sata or good IDE connector. Is it better to run on the IDE card with the EWF and minilogin thingy, with the xpe. Or is it better to just do a normal nlite strip of original XP burn to CD, then just install on DOM drive like normal drive. I think this will decide if i go the micro ATX route (to get the better mobo and a good processor) or go the micro ITX (for the smallness and a VIA chipset) What is better for bootting time, and running.

    here is a link to the DOM card.

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    those DOM's are typically slower than a high end CF card, especially the new ones with DMA support.
    EWF, HORM, MinLogon on XP.

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      now with my windows do i want to install with the minlogin and the ewf or w/e the file thingy is? or just a straight install from nlite is better. Also is it better to get a IDe (with the 80 wire 133/MB sec still 44 pin IDE) or get the sata connector (either SATA 1 or 2)