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  • UpdateRollup1_0XPe.iso

    As per the title of this post I found that MS released this update to XPe that should be the official one after the "2008 feature pack preview"... i was wondering if it's possible to extract from here new EWF, minilogon, etc... version files! I gave a look into the iso, but found no those files and some .sld (system definition files for XPe). Not sure if .sld can contain useful files for us or not...

    Anyone can help this or tried the same as me?

    Many thanks in advance for answers!

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    if EWF was updated in that rollup then yes, it'll be included otherwise you can get it in the 2008 FP.
    EWF, HORM, MinLogon on XP.

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      Thanks Sfiorito, I'am quite sure they updated all components, but maybe you need embedded studio to extract files from .sld package! Any other way to extract files from .sld database?

      Also getting FP 2008 is hard for me... no way to download it on the web... it was available via MS Connect program, but apart it needs registration, I think it's not available anymore.

      Using ewf from FP 2007 I get some occasional crashes (blue screen, ewf.sys error, etc...), and was wondering if updated version could solve...


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        Nope, sld files are only a list of the components in a particular system. They don't actually contain any files. You're going to need to update your repository to get them


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          Thanks Machinist, ok for .sld files... you solved my dubt on that

          Anyway... I logged on MS Connect xpe, but no FP 2008 available... anyone can help to get it?